Woodchip suppliers in Stoke-on-Trent

At Moorlands Tree & Groundcare, we produce and supply top-quality woodchips for a number of uses.

Create soft-impact surfaces 

The majority of woodchip we sell is used for garden mulch and weed suppressant on borders. Woodchip can also be used in paddocks, children's playgrounds and anywhere else where trips and falls are likely. They are a shock absorbing material and help reduce the impact of the fall. We only sell good quality deciduous wood chippings, but Conifer chipping is available if required. This is excellent for paths, where it suppresses weeds more effectively than deciduous chippings, and the acidification of the soil by the Conifer chips is not an issue.

Woodchips for different applications

  • Weed suppression
  • Paddocks and stables
  • Play areas
  • Ground covering for borders and flower beds
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Weed suppression

Placing woodchips over soil is a great way to control weeds. They prevent sunlight from reaching the weed seeds in the top layer of the soil. This means that the weeds won’t get sufficient light to trigger germination.

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